In January 2017, a friend took me to my first hot yoga Bikram style class where I was immediately greeted with support, challenge & this strange sense of calm after it was all over. 


Following that class, I was craving more movement. Yoga had an immense impact on my ability to let go of what I was dealing with in those moments. To just be with myself & my breath, even when it felt weird or uncomfortable. The principles I was learning about in developing a sense of community, humility & finding peace mentally all the while feeling stronger physically was motivating me to want to know every detail about this spiritual practice.

I have been lucky enough to immerse myself within 3 vinyasa style teaching programs since then with CorePower, totaling 480 hours of certification certified through Yoga Alliance. Forever a student & humbly a teacher here to be your supportive guide, I thank you for this opportunity to grow together in your practice whether you be trying it for the first time or are more advanced in your yoga journey.